• How do Molecular Sieves work?

    molecular sieve is a porous material that has very small, uniform-sized holes. It works like a kitchen sieve, except on a molecular scale, separating gas mixtures that contain multi-sized molecules. Only molecules smaller than the pores can pass through; whereas, larger molecules are blocked. If ...
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  • Klaus sulfur recovery catalyst

    PSR sulfur recovery catalyst is mainly used for klaus sulfur recovery unit, furnace gas purification system, urban gas purification system, synthetic ammonia plant, barium strontium salt industry, and sulfur recovery unit in methanol plant. Under the action of catalyst, Klaus reaction is conducte...
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  • Structure of the molecular screen

    Structure of the molecular screen

    The molecular sieve structure is divided into three levels: Primary structure: (silicon, aluminum tetrahedra)   he following rules are observed when the silicon-oxygen tetrahedra are connected: (A)Each oxygen atom in the tetrahedron is shared (B) Only one oxygen atoms can be shared between two...
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  • Nitrogen making molecular sieve

    In the industrial field, nitrogen generator is widely used in petrochemical, natural gas liquefaction, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical and electronics industry. The nitrogen products of nitrogen generator can be used as instrument gas, but also as industrial raw materials and refrigerant, which ...
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  • Molecular sieve

    A molecular sieve is a solid adsorbent that can separate molecules of different sizes. It is SiO2, Al203 as a crystalline aluminum silicate with the main component. There are many holes of a certain size in its crystal, and there are many holes of the same diameter between them. It can adsorb mol...
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  • Production of main raw materials of activated alumina

    There are two kinds of raw materials for activated alumina production, one is “fast powder” produced by trialumina or Bayer stone, and the other is produced by aluminate or aluminum salt or both at the same time. X,ρ-alumina and the production of X,ρ-alumina X, ρ-alumina is the main r...
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  • Comparison and selection of compressed air reprocessing equipment

    As the main equipment of industrial power gas source of air compressor, with the gradual development of industry, air compressor is almost applied to all walks of life. The dryer, used as a reprocessing equipment for compressed air is also essential. At present, the types of dryer are cold dryer ...
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  • Why is it important to dry compressed air?

    All atmospheric air contains some amount of water vapor. Now, think of the atmosphere as a giant, slightly moist sponge. If we squeeze the sponge very hard, the absorbed water will drip out. The same thing happens when air is compressed, which means the concentration of water increases. In order ...
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