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Development-Customize -Production-Marketing

We specialize in developing and delivering quality materials and products tailored for your applications.
We also customize materials and products based on the research and development needs for various universities / research institutions.


About us

Shandong AoGe Technology and Products Company is a High-Tech company formed by a group of National “One-Thousand Talents Program” Experts. Based on the strong novel-material R&D capabilities of the Clean Chemical Technology Research Institute in Shandong University of Technology, as well as the solid industrial base for novel chemical materials, AoGe’s business strategy is to focus on the development, production, and marketing of high-quality activated aluminum oxides (adsorbent, catalyst carrier etc.), catalysts, and novel chemical materials for electrical and electronic applications.

Our Products

Our service

Providing Technical Solutions

Providing Technical Solutions

Providing technical solutions for gas- and liquid-phase drying including process design, adsorbent and equipment selection according to customer requirements;

Service for Customer Applications

Service for Customer Applications

Providing development and production services for high-quality activated aluminum oxides and catalysts for customer defined applications, and development...

Customized services

Customized services

We are better at developing and customizing the products you need. We always adhere to “Create value for customers....


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Latest News

Latest News

We always adhere to “Create value for customers, make customers’ products better” as our responsibility, take reputation as our basis,take service as guarantee,look forward to strengthening cooperation with partners to create a better future!

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