• ZSM-48


    ZSM-48 molecular sieve has good hydrothermal stability, thermal stability, pore structure and suitable acidity, and can be used for selective cracking/isomerization of alkanes.

  • Zsm-23


    Chemical composition: |na+n (H2O) 4 | [alnsi24-n o48]-mtt, n < 2

    ZSM-23 molecular sieve has a MTT topological framework, whichcontains five membered rings, six membered rings and ten membered rings at the same time. The one-dimensional pores composed of ten membered rings are parallel pores that are not crosslinked with each other. The orifice of ten membered rings is three-dimensional wavy, and the cross section is teardrop shaped.

  • ZSM-22


    Chemical composition: |na+n (H2O) 4 | [alnsi24-no48]-ton, n < 2

    The ZSM-22 skeleton has a ton topological structure, which includes five membered rings, six membered rings and ten memberedrings at the same time. The one-dimensional pores composed of tenmembered rings are parallel pores that are not crosslinked with each other, and the orifice is elliptical.

  • Aluminium Hydroxide

    Aluminium Hydroxide

    1. A kind of special aluminium hydroxide, a white powder, odorless, tasteless, good in dispersity, high whiteness and low iron content, as the execent filler for artificial marble products.  With it artifical marble can be made with perfect brightness, smooth surface, good dirt resistance, abrasion resistance, bump resistance and high structural strength, is ideal filler for modern new-types of building materials and artware.

    2. Aluminum hydroxide is of high whiteness, moderate hardness, good fluorine retention and compatibleness, strong detergency, stable chemical properties, can be used as toothpaste abradant.

    3. Different with many flameproof stuffings, aluminum hydroxide micropowder don’t produce toxic and corrosive gas when heated to decompose, moreover, absorb heat and release water vapour to make products resistant to flame and self- extingushing. Therefore, adding this product into plastic, rubber and other high-grade materials can bring products good flame resistance and smoke abatement effect, and improve the resistant to creepage, electric arc and abrasion.

    4. After surface modification treatment, aluminum hydroxide micropowder are of narrow particle size distribution, stable performances, better dispersion property, lower water absorption and oil absorption compared with ordinary aluminum hydroxide micropowder, which enable the stuffing to be increased in products, and reduce process viscosity, strengthen affinity, improve flameproof property, improve antioxidation and mechanical performance. They are used as ideal stuffing for plastic, rubber, artificial marble, and widely used in communication, electronic, biochemical, building material and other fields.

    5. In addition, the superfine powder of 1μm can be obtained by some method, with sound particle size distribution and appears spherical crystal. After modification, the conglobation force is reduced and has very strong antioxidation and flame resistance, wider application range.

  • Red silica gel

    Red silica gel

    This product is spherical or irregular shaped particles. It appears purple red or orange red with moisture. Its main composition is silicon dioxide and color changes with different humidity. Besides the performance like blue silica gel, it has no cobalt chloride and is non-toxic, harmless.

  • Alumino silica gel–AN

    Alumino silica gel–AN

    The appearance of aluminum silica gel is silightly yellow or white transparent with chemical molecular formula mSiO2 • nAl2O3.xH2O. Stable chemical propertities. Non combustion, insoluble in any solvent except strong base and hydrofluoric acid. Compared with fine porous silica gel, the adsorption capacity of low humidity is similar (such as RH = 10%, RH = 20%), but the adsorption capacity of high humidity (such as RH = 80%,   RH = 90%) is 6-10% higher than that of the fine porous silica gel, and the thermal stability (350℃) is 150 ℃ higher than fine porous silica gel.   So it is very suitable to be used as the variable temperature adsorption and separation agent.

  • Alumino silica gel –AW

    Alumino silica gel –AW

    This product is a kind of fine porous water resistant alumino silica gel. It is generally used as the protective layer of fine porous silica gel and fine porous aluminum silica gel. It can be used alone in the case of high content of free water (liquid water). If the operating system conatains liquid water, low dew point can be achieved with this product.

  • Small bag of desiccant

    Small bag of desiccant

    Silica gel desiccant is a kind of odorless,tasteless,non-toxic,high activity absorption material with strong adsorption capacity.It has a stable chemical property and never reacts with any substances except the Alkai and Hydrofluoric acid,safe to be used with foods and pharmaceuticals.Silica gel descicant whisks away moisture to create aprotercyive environment of dryair for safe storage. These silica gel bags come in a full range of sizes from 1g to 1000g – so as to offer you optimal performance.

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