Silica Gel

  • Red silica gel

    Red silica gel

    This product is spherical or irregular shaped particles. It appears purple red or orange red with moisture. Its main composition is silicon dioxide and color changes with different humidity. Besides the performance like blue silica gel, it has no cobalt chloride and is non-toxic, harmless.

  • Alumino silica gel–AN

    Alumino silica gel–AN

    The appearance of aluminum silica gel is silightly yellow or white transparent with chemical molecular formula mSiO2 • nAl2O3.xH2O. Stable chemical propertities. Non combustion, insoluble in any solvent except strong base and hydrofluoric acid. Compared with fine porous silica gel, the adsorption capacity of low humidity is similar (such as RH = 10%, RH = 20%), but the adsorption capacity of high humidity (such as RH = 80%,   RH = 90%) is 6-10% higher than that of the fine porous silica gel, and the thermal stability (350℃) is 150 ℃ higher than fine porous silica gel.   So it is very suitable to be used as the variable temperature adsorption and separation agent.

  • Alumino silica gel –AW

    Alumino silica gel –AW

    This product is a kind of fine porous water resistant alumino silica gel. It is generally used as the protective layer of fine porous silica gel and fine porous aluminum silica gel. It can be used alone in the case of high content of free water (liquid water). If the operating system conatains liquid water, low dew point can be achieved with this product.

  • Small bag of desiccant

    Small bag of desiccant

    Silica gel desiccant is a kind of odorless,tasteless,non-toxic,high activity absorption material with strong adsorption capacity.It has a stable chemical property and never reacts with any substances except the Alkai and Hydrofluoric acid,safe to be used with foods and pharmaceuticals.Silica gel descicant whisks away moisture to create aprotercyive environment of dryair for safe storage. These silica gel bags come in a full range of sizes from 1g to 1000g – so as to offer you optimal performance.

  • White Silica Gel

    White Silica Gel

    Silica gel desiccant is a highly active adsorption material, which is usually prepared by reacting sodium silicate with sulfuric acid, aging, acid bubble and a series of post-treatment processes. Silica gel is an amorphous substance, and its chemical formula is mSiO2. nH2O. It is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, with stable chemical properties, and does not react with any substance except strong base and hydrofluoric acid. The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel determine that it has the characteristics that many other similar materials are difficult to replace. Silica gel desiccant has high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, etc

  • Blue Silica Gel

    Blue Silica Gel

    The product has the adsorption and moisture-proof effect of fine-pored silica gel, which is characterized in that in the process of moisture absorption, it can turn purple with the increase of moisture absorption, and finally turn light red. It can not only indicate the humidity of the environment, but also visually display whether it needs to be replaced with a new desiccant. It can be used alone as a desiccant, or it can be used in conjunction with fine-pored silica gel.

    Classification: blue glue indicator, color-changing blue glue are divided into two types: spherical particles and block particles.

  • Orange Silica Gel

    Orange Silica Gel

    The research and development of this product is based on blue gel color-changing silica gel, which is an orange color-changing silica gel obtained by impregnating fine-pored silica gel with inorganic salt mixture. environmental pollution. The product has become a new generation of environmentally friendly products with its original technological conditions and good adsorption performance.

    This product is mainly used for desiccant and indicating the degree of saturation of desiccant and the relative humidity of sealed packaging, precision instruments and meters, and moisture-proof of general packaging and instruments.

    In addition to the properties of blue glue, orange glue also has the advantages of no cobalt chloride, non-toxic and harmless. Used together, it is used to indicate the degree of moisture absorption of the desiccant, so as to determine the relative humidity of the environment. Widely used in precision instruments, medicine, petrochemical, food, clothing, leather, home appliances and other industrial gases.

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