Orange Silica Gel

Short Description:

The research and development of this product is based on blue gel color-changing silica gel, which is an orange color-changing silica gel obtained by impregnating fine-pored silica gel with inorganic salt mixture. environmental pollution. The product has become a new generation of environmentally friendly products with its original technological conditions and good adsorption performance.

This product is mainly used for desiccant and indicating the degree of saturation of desiccant and the relative humidity of sealed packaging, precision instruments and meters, and moisture-proof of general packaging and instruments.

In addition to the properties of blue glue, orange glue also has the advantages of no cobalt chloride, non-toxic and harmless. Used together, it is used to indicate the degree of moisture absorption of the desiccant, so as to determine the relative humidity of the environment. Widely used in precision instruments, medicine, petrochemical, food, clothing, leather, home appliances and other industrial gases.

Product Detail

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Main Specifications



Orange becomes colorless

Orange turns dark green

Adsorption capacity


RH  50%



RH  80%



Outward appearance



Heating loss  % ≤



Particle size pass rate % ≥



Color rendering

RH 50%


Brown green

RH 80%

Colorless or slightly yellowish

Dark green

Note: special requirements according to the agreement

Instructions For Use

Pay attention to the seal


This product has a slight drying effect on the skin and eyes, but does not cause burns to the skin and mucous membranes. If accidentally splashed into the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water immediately.


Should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse, sealed and stored to avoid moisture, valid for one year, the best storage temperature, room temperature 25 ℃, relative humidity below 20%

Packing Specification

25kg, the product is packed in composite plastic woven bag (lined with polyethylene bag to seal). Or use other packaging methods according to customer requirements.

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