Blue Silica Gel

Short Description:

The product has the adsorption and moisture-proof effect of fine-pored silica gel, which is characterized in that in the process of moisture absorption, it can turn purple with the increase of moisture absorption, and finally turn light red. It can not only indicate the humidity of the environment, but also visually display whether it needs to be replaced with a new desiccant. It can be used alone as a desiccant, or it can be used in conjunction with fine-pored silica gel.

Classification: blue glue indicator, color-changing blue glue are divided into two types: spherical particles and block particles.

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Technical Specifications of Color-changing Blue Glue Indicator



Blue glue indicator

Color changing blue glue

Particle size pass rate  %≥



Adsorption capacity

% ≥

RH 20%



RH 35%



RH 50%



Color rendering

RH 20%

Blue or light blue


RH 35%

Purple or light purple


RH 50%

Light red

Light purple or light red

Heating loss   % ≤



Blue to light blue

Note: special requirements according to the agreement

Instructions For Use

Pay attention to the seal.


This product has a slight drying effect on the skin and eyes, but does not cause burns to the skin and mucous membranes. If accidentally splashed into the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water immediately.


Should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse, sealed and stored to avoid moisture, valid for one year, the best storage temperature, room temperature 25 ℃, relative humidity below 20%.

Packing Specification

25kg, the product is packed in composite plastic woven bag (lined with polyethylene bag to seal). Or use other packaging methods according to customer requirements.

Adsorption Precautions

⒈ When drying and regenerating, attention should be paid to gradually increase the temperature, so as not to cause the colloidal particles to burst due to severe drying and reduce the recovery rate.

⒉ When calcining and regenerating silica gel, too high temperature will cause changes in the pore structure of silica gel, which will obviously reduce its adsorption effect and affect the use value. For blue gel indicator or color-changing silica gel, the temperature of desorption and regeneration should not exceed 120 °C, otherwise the color developing effect will be lost due to the gradual oxidation of the color developer.

3. The regenerated silica gel should generally be sieved to remove fine particles to make the particles uniform.

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