Structure of the molecular screen

The molecular sieve structure is divided into three levels:

Primary structure: (silicon, aluminum tetrahedra)


he following rules are observed when the silicon-oxygen tetrahedra are connected:

(A)Each oxygen atom in the tetrahedron is shared

(B) Only one oxygen atoms can be shared between two adjacent tetrahedra

    (C) The two aluminum materials are not directly linked

Secondary structure-ring


Secondary structure- – -multivariate ring


Tertiary structure- – - cage

The secondary structure units are further connected with each other through the oxygen bridge to form a three-dimensional space polyhedr, called hole or hole cavity, cage is the main structural unit forming the zeolite molecular sieve; including hexagonal column cage, cubic (v) cage, a cage, B cage, eight-sided zeolite cage, etc.

Cages are further arranged to form the zeolite skeleton


Post time: Apr-28-2023